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“I never saw myself as a leader until I received a nomination for this program!”

-Former Program Participant

Is there a high school student in your life who you see God has blessed with the gifts to be a great leader? Do you want to encourage that student to make the most of that potential? Then nominate them to take part in Dig! The relationships and experiences that students will gain at Dig will help them recognize, embrace, and expand their potential as a leader serving God’s kingdom.

Your nomination will be received by our Admissions team. The team will then send the nominee an email with additional information and an application to submit for full consideration as a participant in Dig. When the Admissions team has received and processed all the applications, we will begin to make decisions regarding the final Dig participants by March.

In completing the nomination form, please be prepared to comment on the gifts, strengths, and spiritual maturity level of the nominee, as well as how well they interact with individuals who may be very different from her or him.

Applications Due – April 1, 2018

Program Begins – July 9, 2018